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Heey i am free!) Date: Apr 1st @ 10:23am EDT
Guys, guess who back and free !)
As i promised i am back and full of power and ready for you all, i am so miss you guys!
How for you was last week?
Bc for me all was hard much doctors and this army problems!)
Oooh you in the army noow! Date: Mar 23rd @ 9:15am EDT
So guys, much people who often visit me know about my situation and who don`t know this information just read!

Tomorrow i will go at home, for have medical test for army :D
P.S. Just imagine me skinhead and in uniform :D (Funny)!

So, i will have little vacation for all this test and i am back after Thursday ( I hope ) But ofc i will try to come back more faster for you all!
I will miss and you have a time for visit me tomorrow (Sunday) from 1pm to 6pm Moscow time and all day today :D

I`ll wait you all in my room!)

And ofc i am back, i am not leave, just fix this little problem!
Back to blog! Date: Mar 6th @ 6:08am EST
Oh guys, long time i am not write something here)
But i have news for you all :3

I am almost finish tattoo on the chest and i can say you it`s very painful :D
So i still have little hurt on my chest and soon it all healed :3

Next news, i buy new things for broadcast from home, new lights, much pillows for bed and ofc BIG Teddy Bear and we must create name for him, so i`ll wait you all in my home to do it :D

Soon my Bday and i want spend all this time with you all, i know we can have much pleasure together in this day!!

Always yours and forever Funny SUnny Golden Boy Artur!

P.S. Pigeong King alive and wait story about him
All done and start! Date: Feb 21st @ 9:22am EST
So, on this week i start relise all my shows what i create and sorry if it not perfect, i try to do all good and only for you :3
Today i have very fun day and so much cute, you can`t imagine how :D
All in pink and wait you to visit me)

Who ready for weekends? Date and shower show will be great i hope :3
Changes Date: Feb 16th @ 5:55am EST
Almost all ready for big changes, and soon guys all will be awesome in my room :3
I mean shows, free chat and group show :)
Next week i`ll start to do it all relise all my ideas and dreams for you all my dear!

For more detalite answer you always can ask me personal :3

Thank you for all time with me, love you all so much! (H)
Big changes Date: Feb 6th @ 11:16am EST
Hello all who read it :)
Guys, big changes come soon in my room ;)
I want and do it, i change all in our life and very soon.
At now all only under development and creating NEW!
I hope soon it can be real, but belive me it will be like a greatest come back !!
Love you all ;)
Funny Moment in the life Date: Feb 2nd @ 6:38am EST
Guys, yestarday i remembered all my stories what happened in celebrating my 18 yo birthday :D
It was be very funny things , little ( much )drink and much bbq :D
Sometimes very dangerous moment :)

Join to my room and tell me about the most crazy days in your life, share you life :)
I tell you about my interesting and crazy days :D

I have new show not for all ;) Date: Nov 16th @ 3:15am EST
Guys, i`m create new show here, on the site, need your support, advises ;)
I`m use mu special stick for special show, drawin use my dick like a brush, come on and suppert me and together we will be have much fun ;)
About contest Date: Nov 6th @ 2:47am EST
Thank you all guys, who help me win first my contest here, i hope this is not last our achievement and just together we can do much pleasure, fun, new and interesting.
I want see you all in saturday to do special show for you all ;)
We all... ;) Date: Nov 3rd @ 10:18am EDT
We all have problems, we all have pleasure, we all want eat and want not be alone...But we are all very different.
I have some fetish and you too, i know it guys, let`s share about our dreams and share our imagine ;)

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